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About Us

1st Time Driving Academy is a driving school geared specifically to teach todays young adults not only how to drive,and obey the traffic laws, but also the reality of todays driving conditions and how to cope with it.
There's no blurry lines here, just clean, clear and consice training from a driving school that gives them the ability drive on the roads of today.

carmapWe strive to train excellent drivers, allowing each student to make good sound decision while driving and learning in a safe environment.



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Manager: Sharon

Info & Inquiries:253-931-1957
Students: 206-349-7119


Info & Inquiries: 425-450-5520

Manager/Instructor: Dan Barker
For Students: 206-349-7119



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Litter and it will hurt.


866-LITTER-1 (866-548-8371)


Secure Your Load - It's the LAW!


"No person shall throw, drop, deposit, discard, or otherwise dispose of litter upon any public property in the state... whether from a vehicle or otherwise." (source: RCW 70.93.060 (1)).

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