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"You need a driving school to better prepare yourself"


Driving School Traffic In the world today, a driving school is even more important than ever before. With traffic growing each and every day, it is so very important that each generation learn not only the traffic laws, but about the conditions they will be dealing with. It just isn't enough to grab a little book, read a few times and expect be able to handle todays road conditions, you need a driving school to better prepare yourself.


"You need a thorough driving school and practice"


Driving School Night 1st Time Driving Academy is a driving school geared specifically to teach todays young adults not only how to drive, and the traffic laws, but also the reality of todays driving conditions and how to cope with it. There's no blurry lines here, just clean, clear and consice training from a driving school that gives them the ability drive on the roads of today.


"This isn't the 1950's when driving was casual and carefree"


Driving School Car Driving on todays roads and freeways can be more stressful and dangerous than ever before. With so much traffic and so many drivers who are not properly trained by a driving school to drive a car or cope with the conditions of todays roadways, anyone can become a statistic.


"A little booklet from the DMV just doesn't cut it anymore"


Driving School Lions It would be like tossing your offspring to the lions if you don't give them the opportunity to learn how to cope and fend for themselves on the roads today. We're not animals, and as such we're responsible to insure that they are properly equipped to lead a long and safe life. A little booklet from the DMV just doesn't cut it, and it's irresponsible to just toss it to them and hope for the best. You can't just do that, you have to send them to a driving school to insure they're ready for today's driving.


 logo Give them the chance, give them the training and education they need! Call a 1st Time Driving Academy driving shool location near you today. We have driving schools in Auburn, Maple Valley, Sammamish and Tacoma.



car crash1st Time Driving Academy instructors care about their students. They strive to educate and inform their students of the ins and outs of driving safely and responsibly. The Student's safety is always of the up most importance to them!


trafic lightKnow your laws, rights and responsibilities. Get educated -learn - grow and drive with confidence! Be safe, alert and enjoy the ride!


cyclist Share the Road


Using Washington's roads requires care and courtesy whether you are driving a car or riding a bicycle. Washington law requires every driver to respect the rights of others to be on the road. You can do your part be being safe and courteous driver every time you get behind the wheel.


Bicyclists and motorist in Washington have exactly  the same rights and responsibilities. (RCW 46.61.770)



NOW TESTING! Please call for an appointment  253-931-1957. Auburn school only at this time.

NO Class on 2/6/2017 due to Snow and ice Conditions & for saftey reasons. Class resumes 7-8th



Register to be an Organ and Tissue Donor.


Four Ways to join the Donate Life Today Registry:


1. Online: www.donatelifetoday.com


2. In Person: Say "YES" to being an organ and tissue donor when you renew your driver's license. People that already have a heart on their license are automatically added to the Donate Life Today Registry.


3. Phone: 1-877-275-5269


4. Brochure: Fill out the registry form in the Brochure and mail it back to them. (you will find this in the classroom)










stop sign







Youth suicide is a significant problem in our state. There are warning signs you can watch for-and specific actions you can take- to prevent young people from taking their own lives.


Call for Help- Local and confidential resources are available to help.Call the crisis line nearest you.




Road Rage Aggressive Driving


Who do you become behind the wheel?


Safety is an Attitude.

Drive Safely.


Be proactive and save lives! Report incidents of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving. Call 911 or the Washington State Patrol. 


Pedestrains crossingPedestrian Safety


The streets in our neighborhoods should be safe places for children to walk. But many kids face traffic dangers just because they’re walking to school or to the park.


Drivers, parents and kids can all do their part to help keep our streets safe for child pedestrians.



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