3 Reasons to Choose 1st Time Driving Academy

1. We have 18+ years of drivers' education experience in the Sammamish, WA area

Getting your license is exciting, but it comes with a heavy responsibility. 1st Time Driving Academy will make sure your child understands the risks associated with driving and how to react appropriately in any situation, whether they're dealing with:

Bad weather | Aggressive drivers | City traffic | Long highway drives

Our knowledgeable, experienced team will make sure your first time driver is prepared to get behind the wheel.

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We offer driving education and hands-on lessons for teens, adults & senior citizens

Teens and adults alike will receive the education they need to hit the road and gain driving experience. 1st Time Driving Academy contracts with Washington state to conduct driving and written tests for the Department of Licensing (DOL). Our educators are the first to be made aware of new traffic laws. We'll make sure you're aware of them, too.

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We emphasize driving safety

Although there are a lot of uncertainties on the road, 1st Time Driving Academy will make sure you're prepared to respond to any situation. Once you've received your license from us, you'll be a safe, responsible driver and will know how to appropriately and quickly react in any circumstance.

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