Very fun driving instructer and teaches very well. Highly recommend. Best instructer in Sammamish


Dan has been helping Sammamish teens learn to drive for many years. My daughter just finished and she did great, I am getting ready to send my son there next!


Had a great experience with Dan. I felt like I became a more solid driver and thouroughly enjoyed each in-class session!


Dan has a lot of experience on the road and overall helped better me as a driver. I feel that my skills have exponentially improved from starting and finishing the class. Dan is great in the classroom and in the car.


This review is for Dan. I was a slow learner and had fear of driving more than an average person. I took couple of packages from another driving school with almost 20 hrs of driving and with insignificant improvement. I didn't have an opportunity to practice at home while leaning. That's when I joined this school and Dan became my teacher. OMG! He was awesome. He has this unique teaching style of understanding you as a person and why you make mistakes. He tries to think the way you think unlike other teachers who just throw bunch of instructions at you and yell if you don't follow. He boosted my morality first, gave me choices on what I wanted to do on a specific day and enabled me to drive exponentially. Trust me! He is the best. Without him, no way i would have got my license. He is right on time for the classes and its fun learning from him. I am so thankful to Dan and I am glad that I found him.


Amazing experience! Great staff caring and compassionate


Dan has a great teaching style and a great sense of humor!
Very fun to work with and easy to learn from.
He has great experience in this field and I 100% recommend enrolling with him if you want to have a fun, yet safe experience in drivers ed.


All three of my kids have gone through 1st Time Driving Academy! I recommend this school to all my friends. Driver Dan, as we call him, is professional, fun, and a great teacher. He offers a great service at a reasonable cost.


I was a student here and I highly recommend. Dan is very patient and good instructor. I really liked his way of teaching, very professional and he makes sure the learning is fun too :)


I was a student that attended here and I personally thought I wasn't going to like it very much because it's more school but I actually enjoyed it very much and miss hanging out with the people and instructor. Great place! Highly recommend.


Great place to learn how to drive, friendly and positive environment, Dan is a patient instructor which helps with learning, and overall I would recommend this driving academy to everyone who wants to learn how to drive


Both of my sons have now gone through 1st Time with Driver Dan. Convenient, professional, and at a far better price than 911, Swerve, etc. I'm more than satisfied with the quality of driving skills my sons have learned from Dan.


"Today I was so nervous about getting my first drive test but Dan B. Was so amazing so nice so kind and made me feel completely comfortable thank you so much for being a amazing teacher and for doing this program you are a great guy thank you so much I would give this place a 5 out of 5 rating it's amazing"


Enjoyed the experience, made it seem easy


Great place to learn. Convenient and quick! Dan was great to work with and my son liked him.
5 weeks of drivers ed classroom instruction (Monday-Wednesday from 5-7) plus about one driving lesson a week. This was scheduled one week ahead and arranged by the kids each week. Dan does want the kids to do about 5 hours of driving practice a week, which is a lot, but I think it really helped my son learn fast..


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