Driver's Ed. Course Originally $600 - Save $50 for a limited time!

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*First 10 Students Receive $50.00 Discount.

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Classes

Starts January 6th 2020

Class registration availability: OPEN

M-1/6 T-1/7 Th-1/9
M-1/13 T-1/4 W-1/15 Th-1/16
T-1/21 W-1/22 Th-1/23
M-1/27 T-1/28 W-1/29 Th-1/30 F-1/31

- Registration is reserved for the beginning of twenty (20) minutes of class only, or by appointment.

Last day of class-no registration for all locations. Use form below to register or call today

SPECIAL NOTE: We will be CLOSED the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month. Those classes will be made up the following THURSDAY.